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  • Mold RemediationWe remove or seal mold as needed
  • Drywall installation & finishing for kitchen & bath remodels
  • Patchwork, water damage repair, and basement finishes
  • Patchwork involves keeping your home clean as well as using our experience to patch your walls smoothly and to blend ceiling textures to match the existing as closely as possible
  • Water Damage Repair:  Water damage can be tricky, but we know which products to use to block water stains and ensure adhesion of the repair materials
  • Popcorn Ceiling Texture Removal: One of our specialties is the removal and re-texturing of those old "popcorn" textured ceilings. We have developed a system to remove the old texture, seal and prep the surfaces, and re-texture...or we can also finish the ceilings smooth
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